The Incan earth goddess who brings fruit to the vine and joy to the world.

Pacha Mama is a name inspired by a trip to Peru and the Incan Earth Goddess herself, who brings fruit to the vine and joy to the world.

The dynamic winemaking duo behind the label are Nina Stocker and Callie Jemmeson.

Based in the heart of Victoria’s idyllic Yarra Valley, Nina and Callie select their favourite varietals from regions they’re passionate about. Their aim: to produce stylish, individual wines that are great value. Wines that you’ll want to put on your table and share with friends over a tasty yak’s pizzle, barbecued guinea pig or guanaco tartare.

So let’s raise a glass to the goddess and lock up your guinea pigs!

Up close and personal with Nina & Callie

This eclectic pair of winemakers, who have learnt their trade in places as diverse as Portugal, Italy, France, America and New Zealand, are the heart and soul of Pacha Mama. Their passion and belief in limitless possibility is the embodiment of the earth mother herself.

Nina and Callie’s paths crossed in 2009 when Nina was working for Dave Jemmeson (Callie’s dad) as winemaker for Catalina Sounds in Marlborough, New Zealand. At the time, Callie was based in the Yarra Valley working with the region’s iconic De Bortoli wine brand. When Nina came back to her home town of Tallarook in Central Victoria, the seed was planted for the pair to join forces and the Pacha family.

Together, Callie and Nina have embraced the true essence of Pacha Mama, as it has them. Their freedom of expression and unbridled thinking is evident in every sniff and sip you take of their wines. Each one speaks of elegance, individuality, pure fruit flavour and sheer joy.